General Terms and Conditions of sales

The following sales and delivery terms apply to all sales and deliveries from ARMATEC AS. (hereinafter referred to as AT), unless otherwise agreed in writing between ARMATEC AS and the customer.

1. General provisions

Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, the following provisions shall be applied: NL 09. General delivery conditions for deliveries of machinery and other mechanical and electrical equipment.

2. Offers

Offers are only binding within the specified time limit. Unless otherwise stated, the offer is only valid for 30 days from the offer date.

3. Prices

All prices are stated FCA Armatec AS, exclusive VAT and other taxes, unless otherwise agreed. If the order includes assembly and testing, this is done at the expense, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Delivery / Risk

Delivery includes only the material, equipment and work that is specified in the order confirmation, to the promised delivery date. AT has no responsibility if any delay is due to circumstances the buyer is responsible for, or force majeure. If Buyer is unable to accept delivery on time, Buyer must reimburse AT's additional costs and settle in accordance with the Agreement as if delivery had taken place.

When the risk of the goods has passed to the buyer, his obligation to pay the purchase price is not voided by the fact that the item after that is either lost or damaged as a result caused by the seller. The risk goes to the buyer when the item is delivered.

Goods that the seller must ship to the buyer are considered delivered when the goods have been delivered at the buyer's stated delivery address, at the time specified in the agreement between the parties.

For delivery of goods directly from the factory, the goods are considered to have been contractually delivered and the risk passed to the buyer when the item(s) of sale is completed for shipment from the factory. Delivery is considered delayed by the seller, if delivery takes place in a manner other than what has been agreed, and this is due to the seller's circumstances. If delivery is delayed, and this is not due to circumstances on the part of the seller, risk still passes to the buyer. This also applies in cases where the seller offers storage on the seller's property or at another agreed location. The ‘’desired delivery’’ time can be stated in order confirmation, but only reflects the customer's desired delivery, not binding beyond that. "Promised Delivery Time" is contractual delivery time. Further delivery to buyer’s premises will be invoice at at Cost + 15%.

5. Transport / insurance

Deliveries generally apply in accordance with NL 09. The goods are shipped at the seller's expense and risk to the destination before unloading. Delivery normally takes place with a covered car, which requires a forklift when unloading heavier equipment.

6. Payment Terms

In general, net per. 30 days. In case of late payment, a default interest is calculated according to. Delay Interest Act §2. The goods delivered remain AT's property until full payment is available.

7. Sales lien

The seller reserves the right to lien in the delivered item until the purchase price, interest and costs have been paid in full.

8. Liability, warranty and damages

If there is a basis for claims against us, our liability is limited to errors and defects in the delivered items. We are therefore not responsible for any losses that may have been caused directly or indirectly by the delivered items. Thus, the claim for damages cannot exceed the cost of delivery. Upon receipt of the goods, the buyer must examine the delivery carefully, and give written notice without undue delay to AT if deficiencies are detected. For orders that also include mounting and testing, a takeover record must be kept, where any deficiencies should be introduced. If a complaint is not made without undue delay, the buyer loses the right to make a claim.





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